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Our Story

Sparrow Beginnings is owned and operated by Susan Hartford and her three daughters: Jessica Sutton, Shelby Howerton, and Katie Barlow. 2015 was a big year in this family as they were planning three weddings simultaneously. With wedding dreams and ideas blossoming in all four of their minds, the family went in search of the perfect local venue in which to turn their dream into a reality.

That’s when they made their discovery—the place they envisioned didn’t exist anywhere in or near Stillwater.

These resourceful and determined women found a rambling, romantic piece of countryside, and created the place they imagined for themselves. Like sparrows, who collaborate to build their nests, Jessica, Shelby, Katie and Susan have woven their visions into one, and worked together to bring it to life.


A true labor of love in every sense, Sparrow Beginnings has become a family business. Now, Jessica, Shelby, Katie and Susan would love nothing more than to help you transform Sparrow Beginnings according to your own personal vision.

Chandler Howerton, Shelby's husband, manages Sparrow Beginnings and Shelby manages the two cottages on site, carefully preparing them for our guests.  And our family team keeps growing!  Jessica has a daughter, Freya and a son, Asher, Shelby and Chandler have three sons, Jude, Channing and Miles, and Katie and Nick are expecting their first son!  We love our community and would love to get to know you.  Come by and say hi!

Katie and Nick
Chan Man!
Smiley Miles
Big Bro and Littlest Bro
Middle Bro and Littlest
The Howerton Fam!
Young Jude
Baby Chan!
Katie and Nick
The Happy Couple
Summer in Florida
Happy ladies
Harry and Susan
Waco Shenanigans
Grand Opening of OG Typo
River cruise in Paris!
Fundraiser in LA
Photoshoot staging
Bestest Friend!
Sparrow Bridal Show
All the girls
Photo shoot
Photo shoot
So young!
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